Sunday, October 19, 2008

"fuck them, it's my wedding"

From the jump, I told everyone who would think it was funny that the motto of my wedding was going to be "fuck them, it's my wedding."

For instance, I have stepsisters to whom I'm not all that close, though I was in the younger one's wedding and they both call me their "sister." They're not going to be in the wedding. You know why? Because fuck them, it's my wedding.

I'm not doing favors. Fuck them, it's my wedding.

I'm walking down the aisle by myself, despite the fact that I have a good relationship with both my parents. Fuck them, it's my wedding. (More on this later, likely.)

Yet somehow, I feel like every decision I've made since the beginning of our engagement has been about what other people want and what they'd like in our wedding. Which is all well and good, but I just sort of wish I'd kept my irreverant (if, you know, rude) spirit. It was good for my mental health while it lasted.