Sunday, September 13, 2009

better later than never?

So the husband and I have begun our epic roadtrip and I, like a chump, left the disc of wedding photos at home. So six weeks from now I'll post more. Sorry.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

better late than never- the ceremony

So, as I might have mentioned, I bawled through the entire ceremony. I was a basketcase. My sister was a basketcase. My husband was...crying. As far as I can tell, everyone cried. For better or worse, it was that kind of wedding. (I like to think it was because it was the most heartfelt, touching wedding anybody has ever attended, but who knows. Crying's a bit contagious, as it turns out.)

This is me, coming down the aisle. I promise that I am pleased about being led down the aisle and do not think I am instead being led to a firing squad.

But I was happy, promise.

Because the tent flaps were up and it was a blustery, rainy day turned into a lovely evening, the wind was blowing quite a bit. I think, on the whole, that was good--it prevented a lot of the sweating that was otherwise inevitable from the bridal party. It made my veil whip around quite a bit, though, which at the time I found sort of hilariously annoying, but in photographs is quite dramatic.

All in all, the ceremony was everything I wanted it to be: short but not too short, sweet, heartfelt, non-religious, and meaningful (at least to us).

better late than never- part II

So the idea was that the hubs and I would do photos separately before the ceremony with our respective halves of the bridal party and our families, so that during the cocktail hour we'd do photos with the two of us and whomever else. (As I said before, we went real old school and didn't see each other before the ceremony.) Anyway, I was thinking we'd do photos in the main square of our hometown and outside the museum where we got married (which has lovely grounds). Unfortunately, it started raining that afternoon and this is one of about 4 photos we got outside before the skies opened up:

(That's my bridesman, Phil, on the end there. Plus, my sister and the other bridesmaid, Liz, that you've seen already.)

And this is us, about 30 seconds later, running out of the rain:

Luckily, my photographer is super creative and took the opportunity to take some sweet dramatic shots in an nearby alley with some cover. Unluckily, where it also reeked of urine.

Luckily again, however, it stopped raining by ceremony time, meaning that the sides of the tent where we were married could be opened up a bit to show some of the beautiful green gardens that were the whole reason I chose the location in the first place. Ceremony photos soon to follow...

(Again, photos courtesy Amanda Egan. You can click to see a larger version.)

better late than never- part I

We started the day with mimosas. What?

Mimosas and make up. Luckily, I guess, the make up artist wasn't drinking. She was, however, under the influence of some serious pain meds. (The lovely and talented Heidi fell the night before The Big Day and jacked up her knee. She was determined enough to come do up our faces anyway and her husband drove her and carried her not insubstantial stash of face paints up to our hotel room.) Anyway, regardless of what sorts of substances she may or may not have been on, she did a great job.

The hubs and I agreed to exchange cards on the day of the wedding, rather than gifts or anything, in part because we weren't going to see each other before the ceremony.

We bought each other the same card. Seriously. From two different stores. It's not even a wedding card! (Outside text: YOU ARE AWESOME. Inside: And by "awesome," I mean "totally awesome.") If that's not a damn omen, I don't know what is.

This is my sister. Isn't she irritatingly pretty? Anyway, you can see behind her there my other bridesmaid and Julie the Wedding Planner attempting to zip her into her dress. It was a little touch and go there for a minute, but I can assure you she got in and stayed in and along the way someone pronounced her breasts "totally perfect."

Throughout this portion of the day, I was getting pretty antsy. I mean, I was having fun and enjoying the company of my friends and photographers and planners and whatnot, but there's a lot of "let's get this show on the road" in me that I just can't break. So anyway, I was excited to get in the dress.

I post this photo mostly because I think the looks on my bridesmaids' faces are hilarious. Like my dress has sprouted three heads or something.

These are my momma's hands, getting me all zipped up.

And this...this is more or less the final look.

More to come, honest.

(All photos courtesy of the incomparable Amanda Egan.)