Thursday, November 6, 2008

Four Thanksgivings

So since I'm planning my wedding from approximately 250 miles away, it can be tricky to schedule meetings that I actually care about. A few vendors I've paid sight unseen, so to speak, but there are some you just kind of have to meet. For example, cakes. I want to taste some damn cakes. Unfortunately, the only time I'm going to be in town the next couple of months is Thanksgiving. Oh, and Christmas. So convenient.

In addition, since the Mister's parents and mine live about an hour apart, we feel obligated to see both sets any time we're back. Oh, and my parents are divorced, so we have to see both halves of my family.

All this to say, our Thanksgiving weekend schedule looks like this:

Wednesday: work for the Mister and class for me, then to my mom's place

Thursday: get up in the morning and drive to my dad's parent's house (about an hour and a half away) for the turkey and fixin's

Friday: get up in the morning and drive back to my mom's place. Repeat turkey. Drive to the Mister's aunt and uncle's house. Eat something other than turkey, please Jesus. Party with his cousins.

Saturday: get up in the morning, try to make myself presentable, drive to cake tasting number one. Eat cake. Drive to cake tasting number two, try to eat more cake and not vomit. Feel guilty about number of calories consumed this weekend. Eat more cake. Drive back to the Mister's aunt and uncle's. More partying with cousins.

Sunday: get up in the morning, try to shake off caloric coma. Drive the four hours back to our humble abode. Prep for my last week of classes of the semester. Try not to think about how exhausting this whole "vacation" was.