Tuesday, September 8, 2009

better late than never- the ceremony

So, as I might have mentioned, I bawled through the entire ceremony. I was a basketcase. My sister was a basketcase. My husband was...crying. As far as I can tell, everyone cried. For better or worse, it was that kind of wedding. (I like to think it was because it was the most heartfelt, touching wedding anybody has ever attended, but who knows. Crying's a bit contagious, as it turns out.)

This is me, coming down the aisle. I promise that I am pleased about being led down the aisle and do not think I am instead being led to a firing squad.

But I was happy, promise.

Because the tent flaps were up and it was a blustery, rainy day turned into a lovely evening, the wind was blowing quite a bit. I think, on the whole, that was good--it prevented a lot of the sweating that was otherwise inevitable from the bridal party. It made my veil whip around quite a bit, though, which at the time I found sort of hilariously annoying, but in photographs is quite dramatic.

All in all, the ceremony was everything I wanted it to be: short but not too short, sweet, heartfelt, non-religious, and meaningful (at least to us).