Wednesday, May 13, 2009

hot mess

The fact is that I'm a pretty neurotic person. I don't handle stress all that well. And I've been pretty stressed out. Combine this with the fact that I'm not one of those girls who's been compiling a wedding binder since my 6th birthday, and I'm going to tell you something: hiring a wedding planner was not an optional expense.

I hired Julie The Wedding Planner last summer, after I had booked the location and picked a caterer. (Thus we had already sprung for the premium bar package, and as far as The Mister was concerned, wedding planning was over.) For about 9 months, I felt a little silly about having hired her. She did give some great recommendations, but mostly stuff I probably could have found on that swirling, frightening abyss: The Knot. I underutilized her.

In the last month, though, Julie's shown exactly why I hired her. For example, yesterday The Location Lady emailed me to say that we have to decide whether to have the ceremony outside or in the tent by Thursday at 3, because that's when she sets it up. As of right now, the weather forecast is calling for scattered thunderstorms. (Apparently my wishing is less effective all the sudden? I don't know, but I'm not pleased.) Given that, I was resigning myself to a tent wedding, and was kind of upset about it. Julie calls this morning and tells me that she talked to The Location Lady, and that she had told her just to set it up in the tent and that if the sun's shining, she'll move the chairs. WHAT A SIMPLE SOLUTION.