Thursday, February 12, 2009

guess what I'm wearing right now?

If you guessed lingerie, you're not only creepy, but you don't know me that well! If you guessed a veil, you're not only creepy, but right!

I was talking to my alterations man, and he said I should bring my veil with me, which reminded me that I hadn't yet bought one. I knew I wanted one, but just hadn't gotten around to buying one...the ones in bridal stores are so crazy-expensive! I finally just decided to go on and buy a cheapie. Less than $10 on eBay! (Also, my first eBay purchase ever. Yes really. I know, I'm living in like 1996.) It's a little fuller than I had anticipated at the crown, but I think once I get it situated and I'm wearing it with something other than an H&M sweater and jeans (you know, like a white gown) it's going to be awesome.

I LOVE the look of birdcage veils...on other brides. For some reason, I just look like a little girl playing dress up or something. Plus, I'm not entirely convinced it would look right with my dress, which is more Gatsby-era than Garbo-era vintage looking, I think. Plus, there's something sort of ethereally pretty about a traditional lighter-than-air veil. Or at least I think so. As I sit here, blogging and wearing it. That's not weird, right?